About Svetlana

svetlana pictureOver the years I had many opportunities to capture incredible events and images of exciting new products. My friends and colleagues say that I have “the Eye”.  I hope that doesn’t mean that I am a Cyclops. Photography is my passion and I find myself always searching for interesting angles and of course, the best light and setting. I am definitely creative, free spirited, and adventurous. Twelve years ago, I came to America from Russia and have settled happily in Irvine, California.  But, I am restless in one place, and always on the move. So my passion takes me to many cities, countries, and beautiful places. I absolutely love nature and how the natural light makes an impression on life’s beautiful creations. Working for the Photo Boutique, I also developed more exposure to portrait and product photography. With advances in technology, I was able to learn and apply the new advances to my love of photography. It’s been a great journey so far and I hope to grow even more with every future project.

My Style

You’ll find that I enjoy using the natural light for capturing my images. It really brings in a warm quality to the pictures and people seem happier and more playful in my pictures. I can definitely do still photography and make any subject the center of attention.  With my expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator, I can transform and manipulate images to add special effects. I can also touch up any image as needed.

My Specialty

Photography as a whole is my specialty. Through my various experiences, I have worked for many companies as an event photographer. From capturing high action sports events such as a martial arts seminar to a professional dancing competition and violin concerts in Paris, I am able to understand and study my subjects quickly and adapt my photography skills to any event. Product photography can also be quite interesting and bringing the focus to the product is very important. I can help with your product branding by making your product images attractive and marketable.  I recently completed a photography package for a French bistro and they were completely delighted with the images of their bakery items and desserts. The manager received several comments soon after and got a large order from just my images! I was also very happy to contract another lighting and décor company for several years and increase their level of marketing. From capturing hot air balloons chandeliers to ornate mirrors, it was quite an experience to work closely with the owners to bring alive their products.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your next event , portrait or product photography needs. I am available to show you my complete portfolio. Contact Svetlana at contact@svetlantaphotographystudio.com